FunBikes MXR 1600w 48v Lithium Green Electric Kids Dirt Bike

FunBikes MXR 1600w 48v Lithium Green Electric Kids Dirt Bike

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Introducing the FunBikes MXR 1600w, the ultimate electric dirt bike designed specifically for kids. Boasting a powerful 1600w electric motor, this green rocket is powered by a 48v lithium battery, ensuring hours of uninterrupted fun. Not only does it come in a vibrant green colour that stands out, but it also offers an eco-friendly alternative to petrol-powered bikes.

Moreover, its lightweight design makes it easy for kids to handle, while the heavy-duty construction ensures durability. This bike is capable of reaching speeds of up to 30mph, making it perfect for young adrenaline junkies. Importantly, it features a three-speed setting that allows parents to control the maximum speed, ensuring safety at all times.

Additionally, the MXR 1600w comes with large, knobby tyres that provide excellent traction on all surfaces. Its full suspension system guarantees a smooth ride even on the bumpiest terrains. Furthermore, the bike comes almost fully assembled, so you only have to attach a few parts before hitting the trails.

Lastly, the FunBikes MXR 1600w is a great way to encourage outdoor play and exercise. With its impressive features and safety controls, it is the perfect gift for young adventure-seekers. Get ready to conquer the outdoors with the FunBikes MXR 1600w 48v Lithium Electric Kids Dirt Bike in Green!

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